Processing & Packing

Our Processing center
One of the most advanced in the world, using state of the art LitchiTech air circulation system for the effective treatment of the fruit with So2. This process has allowed us to minimize the exposure of the fruit to So2 and guarantee 100% successful MRL results for European and worldwide markets requirements.


Environmental Awareness
We are proud to be one (of two exisating) processing centers in the world to treat the exhaust from the circulating chambers by means of advanced scrubbers, ensuring that no harmful fumes are released to atmosphere. All side products are environment friendly and kept on site for further use.


We supply the goods as follows:
Pallets with up to 200 boxes of 5 kg (actual weight 5,5 kg).
22 pallets per container (40 feet Rifer)
Total weight 22 ton

At the explicit desire of the buyer, and for large quantities, we can pack Litchi also in 2kg boxes.

Minimum order for 2kg boxes is FIVE 40 feet Rifer containers.

packing palet 200 x 5kg box


Our packaging is sourced from South Africa, ensuring premium quality corresponding to all strict international regulations for fruit transport. Our close relationship with the supplier has ensured that we have a direct say in the production process of the cartons for the specific markets. A special box was designed to accompany the product treated in our specialized circulation rooms and the double treatment of the inner and outer liners ensures no sagging after a 60 day period in temperatures of 1-4 degrees.

We are interested in expanding our horizons and invite you to make contact with us should our product be of interest to you. A custom made boxes will be put together in order to satisfy your needs.


Through careful application of cooling and exposure, we can export fruit in 40 foot containers for a trip transit time of up to 60 days hassle free. This has been made possible through the LitchiTech system as well as close relationships with our shipper partners who supply us with the best reefer boxes that can be monitored along the journey.